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Fixit Mould and Restoration

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Air Conditioning Dalby

We love fresh air and clean ventilation and we know that you do too. For your house, business, warehouse or factory. You won’t settle for air that is stale, musty, foul or unsanitary. If you have this problem then we can Fix It!

We specialise in all the effects caused by moisture. We do drying, mould control and sanitisation of air conditioners. Leaving the air conditioner to perform at its best and cost you less on your power bill. Not to mention not a breeding ground for fungus, mould and bacteria.

Mould can be more than just a foul odour. It can cause flu-like symptoms, fatigue & aggravate symptoms caused by asthma and allergies. If you suspect your building has mould then we are able to come inspect and give a quote on sterilising and removing the mould. Using all natural ingredients.

We are able to dry out your premises from any form of water leak. Whether it be caused by a burst pipe, a leaking roof or a window that has been left open in a storm.

We dry your floors, walls and ceilings. If mould has formed because of these events then we can kill and remove the mould for you.

We can also perform odour control. Have you moved into a house that smells like the pets of the previous owner?

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